Havana is the capital of Cuba and a city filled with stunning architecture, a rich history and a welcoming presence. Explore the city by foot and encounter friendly people, live music, dancing and markets. It's a city you can get lost in and never get bored.

Book a day to see Old Havana. There are over 900 landmarks in historic neighborhood of Vieja Habana (Old Havana), a UNESCO World Heritage site. Or visit Ernest Hemingway's house and favourite haunts. Walk the Malecon during the day or at night - this is where Cubans meet up to socialize and where tourists go for amazing views of the city.

Get to know the local flavours whether it's coffee, rum, cigars or music. Don't forget art - there are numerous galleries and markets to see contemporary art and meet up and coming artists. You'll also happen upon street art while touring Havana.

Havana sounds amazing, doesn't it? Book your ticket to see this evolving city. Experience its old world charm - the old cars, iconic architecture - while witnessing its emergence into the modern age.